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1. Who we are

ASPIC (ASP-SaaS-IoT Cloud Consortium) was established in 1999, as nonprofit organization. Since establishment, ASPIC has been promoting dissemination and awareness raising with ASP-SaaS-Cloud computing and created new market in cooperation with ASP-SaaS-Cloud vendors and public agencies such as Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC).
ASPIC gave position ASP-SaaS-Cloud computing in important business model that supports the social infrastructure and has been doing following activities.

  • Providing, publishing and sharing information
  • Supporting business
  • Supporting draw up policy and regulation
  • Consignment consulting business

2. History

Sep, 2012 Start operational affairs of "IaaS - PaaS / Data Center Information Disclosure Certification System"
Apr, 2012 Start provide INTERRAI formula cloud service based on international standard for care nursing assessment
Jul, 2011 Publish "Guideline for Protection of Cloud Service Users and Secure of Compliance"
Nov, 2010 Cooperate with Green Grid for improving efficiency of Data Center Energy, etc.
Mar, 2010 Publish "Cloud Security Guidance"
Aug, 2009 Publish "ASP – SaaS White Paper 2009 / 2010"
Feb, 2009 Establish "ASP – SaaS- Data Center Promotion Council"
Jun, 2008 Award "Minster of Internal Affairs and Communications"
Apr, 2008 Start operational affairs of "ASP - SaaS / Data Center Information Disclosure Certification System"
Apr, 2007 Establish "ASP – SaaS Promotion Council" with MIC
Feb, 2007 Hold "ASP & IT Outsourcing Award"
Nov, 2006 Hold "Japan – Korea ASP Workshop" at Soule
Sep, 2005 Publish "ASP White Paper 2005"
Nov, 1999 Establishment

3. Members List


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